Clapham Writers is a Charity (CIO) comprising a Board of Trustees and many associated writers who live and work in or around Clapham in South London.

Some of us are established and well known, others have fewer publications; we include novelists, historians, journalists and poets among our number.

You can find us on facebook here.

Clapham Writers organises

  • the annual Clapham Book Festival, a south London celebration of books and literature, at venues across Clapham, including Omnibus Arts Centre, Mary Seacole House (Clapham’s award winning library building) and our independent bookshop.
  • CW sponsors some events at Clapham Books, The Pavement SW4 – readings, signing, literary evenings.
  • CW also facilitates some Clapham Library events, and
  • has a presence at local events, such as the Lambeth Country Show, Clapham Village Fete, the Abbeville Fete, Clapham Lights etc.

We have also produced a FREE quiz and self-guide walk around Clapham called The Clapham Literary Trail which takes about ninety minutes to walk and includes Clapham landmarks and the places where Clapham authors of renown lived and worked. Download it in PDF below.

Clapham literary trail leafletFinal

The inaugural Clapham-wide Literary Festival ran in May 2016 and returned in May 2017 and May 2018. The next event will take place on a date yet to be determined in 2019.

Contact Clapham Writers using the comment box below or at claphamwriters@gmail.com. For more information on Clapham Book Festival contact claphambookfestival@gmail.com.

Registered Charity number 1176123




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