CBF 2016

Omnibus-Edition_newClapham Writers was one of the partners in ‘Omnibus Edition’ Clapham’s Literary Festival, which took place from 3rd to 8th May 2016, when Clapham was thronging with festival goers.

Spread over three major venues, in the Old Town and the High Street, the festival encompassed poetry, the novel, food writing, science writing and generally having an interesting and fun time. Many of Clapham Writers are taking part.

All proceeds went to Omnibus and Clapham Library. Clapham Books, our independent book shop, is the official bookseller for the Festival.

Writers included poets like Michael Glover ( also Art Critic of The Independent newspaper )nightwalking and the South Bank Poets, non-fiction writers like Matthew Beaumont and Marcus Chown, crime writers Sabine Durrant, Isabelle Grey and Miranda Clark at ‘Crime in the Afternoon’ in the Library.  There are best sellers Julie Myerson , Elizabeth Buchan and Laura Barnett, food writers Miss South, Joanna Blythman and chef, Oliver Rowe ( Thursday evening ). 20160331_104535_resizedA ghost story and seance session took place on Friday evening, with Lorna Gibb and a Literary Pub Quiz on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, a coffee-and-the-papers event for parents, while kids created their own T-shirt.

And, as they say, much, much more. You can find the Festival Programme here.

Writers who were born, bred or live in Clapham, or very nearby, and who are taking part in the Festival are listed below in no particular order.

Laura Barnett, Elizabeth Buchan, Matthew Beaumont, Isabelle Grey, Sabine Durrant, Miranda Carter, Michael Glover, Bobbie Derbyshire, Miss South, Ana & Thiago de Morales, Leila Segal, John Taylor, Roz Morris and Julie Anderson. Julie Myerson was a Clapham resident for many years and wrote about her house in Lilleshall Road, though she now lives elsewhere in London.

Five Clapham writers appeared on the Readers Afternoon panel ( 2.00 – 3.00 p.m. Omnibus Arts Theatre ) an event to which local Book Clubs have been invited. To read the books and come along and engage with writers who live and work in the community. The writers involved are Leila Segal – ‘Breathe‘ short stories based in Castro’s Cuba; John Taylor – ‘Departing Vienna‘, a contemporary thriller which explores the legacy of the Second World War; Roz Morris – ‘My Memories of a Future Life‘, a psychological thriller that begins in Clapham and Julie Anderson – ‘Reconquista‘, an adventure story set in 13th century Al Andalus. The session will be hosted by novelist, Elizabeth Buchan.

fe_breathe_coverdfw-ja-r-cover-midMy Memories of a Future Life by Roz Morris